Embracing Change

In today’s fast-paced environment, change is the only constant. Organizational and professional success is dependent on each individual’s understanding of, and ability to, embrace the change process. The future belongs to those who are capable of planning, responding to and navigating the change process effectively. In this action-packed workshop, participants will understand how change dynamics impact individuals and organizations and learn strategies to manage the cycle of change effectively.

IGS has developed and delivered customized leadership and management training programs to many governmental, non-profit, academic and for-profit organizations including Portland Development Commission, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Child Development Coalition,  and Northwest Evaluation Association.

Example Training Outline

The following illustrates a typical outline for a change management training program. IGS will customize the contents of your organization’s training program to meet your needs following an training needs assessment at the start of your project.

Training Designcycle-of-change

  • Two program modules delivered in 4-hour sessions, for a total of 8-hours of training.
  • Workshops delivered in a classroom setting with one trainer for every fifteen participants.
  • Each session is highly interactive and experiential with practical “hands on” activities that are targeted to the audience. Classes are fast paced and action- packed and may include training videos, assessments, agency specific case studies, role play, and group learning games.
  • In addition, each session includes activities that address individual learning styles to ensure information is retained and that the learning is enjoyable and comfortable for all students.
  • Participants will develop a plan for applying the workshop material “on the job.”

 Course Overview

The goal of this work shop is for participants to develop an understanding of the change process, explore their own feelings and behaviors around change and develop appropriate skills to not only cope with change, but to guide professional and organizational growth through the change process.

Module 1: Embracing the Change Process

This workshop focuses on helping participants understand change and transition as processes that can be managed effectively. The workshop begins by defining change as something new that occurs within a defined time frame, while transition is a psychological process of finding meaning and ways to function in a new situation.  Participants learn to identify their natural response to change and transition, as well as learning more effective response strategies.

Core Objectives:

  • Understanding the Three Phases of the Change Process
  • Explore Personal Feelings, Attitudes and Behaviors around Change
  • Developing Personal Resiliency to Change

Module 2: Managing Organizational Change

This workshop helps participants understand the dynamics of change in an organization.  Participants will learn techniques for assessing their organization’s resiliency to change, how to effectively lead organizational change processes, and how to diagnose and respond to problems related to change and transition.

Core Objectives:

  • The Three Basic Laws of Organizational Change
  • Managing the Uncertainty of Organizational Change
  • The Leadership Pipeline & Change – Developing Resilience in Others