Leadership Development

20160506_094940-1IGS has a proven track record of creating effective executive development programs that bring lasting results.

Our Leadership Philosophy

As Sustainable Leaders, we believe in meeting present needs through sustainable practices that support the long-term viability of the economy, the environment, society and culture. We further believe sustainable leaders:

  • Have a vision
  • Are self disciplined
  • Focus on long-term goals (while maintaining appropriate balance between current demands and future opportunities)
  • Invest in the future
  • Align actions with the collective good
  • Practice inclusivity
  • Build self-sustaining, transformative networks
  • Are committed to personal and organizational re-generation

IGS consultants also believe in and practice “Servant Leadership” (a phrase coined by Robert K. Greenleaf) and have found that our greatest leadership and management successes come from motivating each individual so that in turn, the whole organization prospers. We incorporate this key concept into our work with clients, as we truly believe the more skilled and confident each individual becomes the better the organization is as a whole.

Our Approach

Our approach starts with a leadership assessment followed by feedback and strategy development. Whether working with an individual leader or a team, IGS utilizes a variety of instruments to assess the temperament, leadership style, and conflict management preferences of leaders. Through consultation, coaching and training, we work with individual leaders and teams to recognize and optimize their strengths, identify skill gaps and develop improvement strategies to strengthen leadership skills. Depending on need, a leadership development program may include:

  • Understanding how individual leadership styles contribute to team effectiveness
  • Leading initiatives, including conceptualizing opportunities and engaging other appropriately
  • Developing collaborative partnerships internally and externally
  • Solving problems and resolving conflicts creatively
  • Providing leadership to staff, including guidance and direction, involving staff appropriately in goal-setting and decision-making, and managing staff performance for results
  • Team dynamics – working effectively with teams and identifying opportunities for cross functional collaboration

…[IGS’s] leadership training program has taken our management team to a whole new dynamic level.”

Ann Mason, Former Director of Finance, ZRT Laboratory

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