Effective Communication in the Workplace

IGS has developed and delivered customized communication training programs for many private, governmental, academic, and non-profit agencies including Portland Development Commission, Port of Portland, Oregon Child Development Coalition, Oregon PERS, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, City of Portland, Clackamas County  and Northwest Evaluation Association.  The following shows an example of a training plan delivered to mid to executive level managers in our client organizations.

Visioning-Poster-buildingTraining Design

  • Two program modules delivered in 4-hour sessions for a total of 8-hours of training.
  • Workshops delivered in a classroom setting with one trainer for every fifteen participants.
  • Each session is highly interactive and experiential with practical “hands on” activities that are targeted to the audience. Classes are fast paced and action packed and include: training videos, assessments, agency-specific case studies, role play, and group learning games. In addition each session includes:
    • Activities that address individual learning styles to ensure information is retained and that the learning is enjoyable and comfortable for all participants.
    • Participants will develop a plan for applying the workshop concepts “on the job.”

Training Overview

Communication inside organizations is a multi-disciplinary challenge that starts on the interpersonal level and rapidly moves to structured communication systems.  The effectiveness of organizational communication depends upon:

  • Leadership: Natural communication style and how that style is aligned with behaviors/actions
  • Tradition: The role of organizational culture in determining acceptable communication techniques
  • Skill: The use of effective communication technologies and techniques that build positive interactions with others.
  • Complexity: Efficacy of existing communication mechanisms

Module 1: Communication – Your Leadership Style and the Two C’s: Coaching and Communicating

This module focuses on developing advanced workplace communication skills for leaders, using tools and techniques designed to enhance the interpersonal communication process.

Core Objectives
  • Identify your personal communication style and the communication style of your team.
  • Establish the relationship between communication and coaching.
  • Develop and practice effective communication.
  • Learn the 5 step model for providing effective feedback.

Module 2: Communication – Dealing with Conflict and Breakdowns

This module builds on the skills developed in module one to provide a foundation for addressing conflict that can arise from miscommunication. This module also explores the communication systems and mechanism that operate within the organization and prepares participants for addressing communication challenges back on the job.

Core Objectives:
  • Interpersonal Communications and Conflict- Discover and practice effective conflict resolution techniques.
  • Identify the communication systems that are operating within your organization.
  • Learn strategies for dealing with organizational communication breakdowns and prepare an action plan for addressing them.