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The resources listed on this page are FREE for you to download and use in your organization. (We do ask that you not modify the contents in any way or remove the IGS name, logo, or copyright from any downloaded documents.) You may wish to bookmark this page and keep checking back, as we add new cool stuff to this page any time we can spare a few minutes.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • sample flower chartIGS summarized our extensive research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Best Practices that shows the goals to which the top organizations in DEI aspire.
  • When you partner with IGS to help you assess your organization’s progress toward DEI, we can create a “DEI Flower Chart” (see graphic, right) to summarize the assessment in a powerful visual form.
  • Want to see how your organization stacks up on DEI? Contact us.

Conduct better, more productive meetings


IGS facilitates meetings for a wide range of clients, including private sector, non-profit, public sector, and academia. Over the years, we’ve picked up a few tricks. While sometimes hiring a professional facilitator is the best approach, sometimes it’s overkill. We’ve selected a few tools and tricks that you can use when you’re comfortable with the in-house solution, but just need a little help getting started – or getting it right.


  • What makes for an effective meeting? Download and read our “IGS Laws of Facilitation” to help you run a better meeting.
  • We’ll give you one answer right now:  You need to plan your meetings in advance. Use our Meeting Planning Worksheet to make sure you cover all the bases.
  • Sometimes you get stuck in a meeting that isn’t being facilitated properly. There are some things you can do as a meeting participant to rescue the meeting and keep it productive. Use our “Facilitation from the seat” guide to help steer meetings back on track – even when you’re not in charge.

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Is your organization ready for the future? The World is changing and leaders of organizations need to start developing leaders today to meet future demands. These resources will help you get started in your organization.