Empowering You

IGS wants to help you and your organization succeed, whether we’re currently engaged with you on a project or not. The resources linked on this page represent some of the tools, information, and learning techniques we’ve found useful and want to pass on to you. Whether it’s gaining a new skill, giving you a shortcut to jump-start a project, passing on knowledge we’ve gained through research or helping you balance work and home life, we hope you’ll find these resources helpful.

And you may want to bookmark this page – we keep adding things you won’t want to miss!

What would most help you right now?

  • Free stuff like research on diversity, equity and inclusion, facilitation tips and techniques, or asset management tools. (Who doesn’t like free stuff?)
  • Books and stuff like that. You’ll have to break out your wallet… well, maybe just your change purse. Certainly you won’t have to empty out your savings account.
  • Useful links that might burn a few free hours of your day (and make you a smarter, happier, more productive person)